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Energy deficit is when the number of calories put in the body is less than energy output – the number of calories you burn each day. When you look at any ‘diet’, they cut down or cut out food groups (calories).  If you cut out or down a food group, it creates a deficit but unfortunately you are also cutting out important nutrients and this can result in nutritional deficiencies, your body adapting or reducing metabolism and resulting in little to no weight loss.  You’ve probably heard the expression ‘diets don’t work’ or ‘calories don’t count’.  We need nutrients from a variety of sources to have adequate nutrition for health.  I optimise diet to help achieve agreed goals.

From experience, you are cutting out a food that you overeat or wrestle with.  Usually it’s food high in both fat and sugar or carbohydrate.  The problem with avoidance is the urge to have it becomes so great and you end up reincluding these foods, without control and the weight goes back on. You may find yourself in this cycle and your weight has changed little over the years despite successful short-term efforts.  You may even have gained.  So, you may ask what was the point?

Time for a fresh start

Re-set your eating for life with mindful or intuitive eating 

  • 12 appointments, where two are maintenance appointments.
  • Each appointment has a different focus.  Please see my blog if this is of interest.  If you do not have the time, resource or perhaps you feel it is not for you, consider a two appointment reset. 

Re-set your eating in two appointments: 

  • An initial appointment where we look at your current diet and the best way to achieve your goals.
  • A follow-up 2-4 weeks later to see how the plan is working. 

I am well versed and capable of delivering all kinds of diets – including fasting, low carb, keto or phased total diet replacement (to reverse type 2 diabetes); the key will be finding the right plan for you. 

“As I am physically disabled, I knew conventional weight loss methods were no good to me. So, I asked for Brenda’s help and she was able to find a successful diet plan that suited my unique situation. We even found effective exercises I could manage. I’m fitter, lighter and happier.”

LH, Sidcup 

“The first time I’ve realised that I need help with my weight was when all my clothes were too tight on me.  I’ve looked on internet for dieticians around Sevenoaks and I applied to one of the pages where dieticians will contact you.

Miss Brenda was one of them.  She called me one evening and spoke with me for 35 min by phone.  Something told me I should go on with her and we made our first appointment.

All I thought it will be was like ‘ok she will give me a diet and I will keep it and that’s it’ but no it was more than that.  I remember on our first appointment she asked me a couple of questions that raised all my feelings, that hurt through and made me cry.  Then I realised that my problem was more than my overweight, she came to the conclusion that I suffer from binge eating disorder.”

GB, Sevenoaks