The number of appointments for eating disorders (ED) varies.  It varies on age, type and severity.  I will be able to guide you on this after I make the initial assessment.  My aim is always to try and reach a point where the body is happy, including growth potential (and menstruation for females).

In the initial assessment, I: 

  • Evaluate the extent of the eating problem based on concerns around weight, shape, restraint and eating.
  • Carry out a nutritional health assessment based on weight, height, BMI, body functions and current diet; together with;
    • Medical risks (as provided by other health professionals) including refeeding syndrome; and
    • Any additional eating considerations such as vegetarian, vegan or ‘clean eating’.  Sometimes these get tangled in the ED mindset. I have a flexible approach to eating and support eating that is balanced regardless of whether omnivore, vegan and vegetarian.  The emphasis is on variety for nutritional health.

After considering the above, we all agree a way forward.  For children, it’s important we understand how much involvement and the type of support they need from family or significant others.  The appointment is supported by leaflets (including a meal/snack routine if necessary)  and a summary letter sent after the consultation.

“We asked for Brenda’s help when we realised that our teenage daughter had eliminated so many food groups from her diet that she was failing to maintain a healthy diet.  Brenda was brilliant in helping her to understand the damage she was doing to herself, and start to reverse the process.  Her knowledge about nutritional requirements, and how best to meet these, whilst avoiding food groups that our daughter was very uncomfortable with, was invaluable and her health improved very quickly.  Brenda’s empathy and patience meant that she was able to persuade our daughter to accept that she needed to re-introduce some of the food groups she had been avoiding.  I do not know how we would have coped without her support.”

CA, Sevenoaks 

Thank you so much for everything, I’ve learnt a lot from our appointments that will help me keep my eating healthy and balanced for life. With your guidance I have gained back control of my nutrition and you have made choices around food a lot simpler than I ever thought they could be!

RH, Kent